Anyone who has been the subject of a tax enquiry knows it is rarely a pleasant experience. We will help you resolve it quickly with the minimum of disruption to your daily life. Our tax clients have the option to take our fee protection insurance, which covers the cost of our support from the moment you receive notification of the enquiry through to agreeing a financial settlement with HMRC.

Tax investigations fall into three broad categories:

  • Aspect – where HMRC want to assess one or more areas of your tax information
  • Full – the whole of your tax return is reviewed (personal return or business return)
  • Random – spot-check full enquiries. These are usually aimed at higher risk tax areas or sectors. SMEs are a particular target.

All types of enquiry or investigation from HMRC should be treated seriously. An aspect investigation may, for example, seem less threatening but it could easily broaden out into a full investigation if not properly managed.

Sometimes businesses can be placed under a code investigation. These are only issued when the revenue suspects deliberate tax fraud is taking place. These are very serious indeed.

How we can help you

Tax enquiry advice

With years of experience in local compliance offices and cases of alleged fraud, our team of experts and former Inland Revenue inspectors are well equipped to:

  • Help you gain a clear understanding of the enquiry process;
  • Shield you from the pressure of the process by acting as a buffer between you and HMRC;
  • Progress your tax enquiry quickly and effectively;
  • Disclose information to HMRC discretely;
  • Demonstrate your compliance or intent to comply;
  • Negotiate a fair and favorable settlement;
  • Represent you at a tax tribunal or recommend specialist legal advice if needed.

Fee protection insurance

If you take up our fee protection plan for tax clients, a single phone call to us will enable our tax experts to step in and start liaising with HMRC on your behalf. Professional advice combined with fee protection insurance gives you the peace of mind that your enquiry will be resolved quickly, and with the best outcome, without you having to worry about associated costs.

Your first steps after receiving a tax enquiry notification

It is vital that you act promptly and correctly by immediately seeking professional assistance. There are strict deadlines for providing information to HMRC and failure to comply may result in significant financial penalties.