Corporate tax

Advice from our specialist corporate tax accountants is centered on two key premises: identifying tax savings for you and keeping you up to date with your company tax obligations.

Tax rules and regulations change often and our team of tax experts are on hand to safeguard your compliance and peace of mind by relieving you of this complex, time-consuming administrative burden. Corporate Tax planning We will identify your best options in areas such as:

We also identify the reliefs and reductions you are entitled to and claim them on your behalf.

Tax compliance

Our advice helps you by:

  • Calculating your corporate tax and corporate tax allowances;
  • Preparing your corporate tax return for your review and signed approval;
  • Submitting your tax return to HMRC before the deadline to avoid penalties;
  • Advising and reminding you of any interim and final payments so you can ensure they are made correctly and on time;
  • Liaising with HMRC on your behalf;
  • Keeping you informed of the latest legislative and regulatory changes; and taking any necessary action.

If we prepare your accounts as well as your corporate tax return, we aim to send all the documents to you in one bundle to make it easier for you to review and sign them.

Even companies who meet all their tax compliance obligations and undertake sensible tax planning can become the subject of an HMRC enquiry or investigation. Our professional advice and guidance will make the process as painless as possible, whilst our fee protection insurance will give you the comfort of knowing that the costs of our support are covered.

You must work out, pay and report your tax on time each financial year.
  • Register for corporation tax when you start doing business or restart a dormant business. Unincorporated associations must write to HMRC.
  • Keep accounting records and prepare a company tax return to work out how much corporation tax you need to pay.