A full understanding of cash flow and how it impacts profit is crucial to make a business successful. While profits may be the most important thing at the end of the day for the business, it can’t be the sole focus of the business because without proper cash management profit can be negligible and meaningless. At the end of the day, if your outgoing cash flow is greater than your incoming cash flow then your business is doomed to fail. The ensure that your business does not run out of money you need a cash flow forecast that gives you a bigger picture of what your financial situation will be like at the end of each stage of development for your business. You may want a monthly cash flow to suit these needs. What does a good cash flow forecast have?
  • Expected money inflows
  • Expected money outflows
  • Estimated time of receipts
  • Estimated time of payments
This information can help you make good decisions for the future of your business. Long-term success requires you to know the difference between your revenue and your actual profits. Simply predicting your cash inflows is not enough, you also need profit forecasts to know where your business is heading. When you are keeping track of sales it is also important to keep track of your overheads and purchases to get a full picture how much you are actually getting back once the costs are deducted. What do we offer?
  • Our services can create a cash flow forecast for your business that is directly linked to a profit forecast. Armed with a cash flow and profit forecast you can plan better for the future of your business.
  • We will how you identify whether your business is going to be profitable going forward and how long it might take for you to be making a decent profit.
  • By predicting your cash inflows and outflows you can understand where you cut back on costs and maximise the efficiency of your business.
  • Our experts will prepare cash flow and profit forecasts for you on detailed spreadsheets so that you can monitor the profitability of your business and watch its development.
Get in touch with us to setup a meeting where we can tailor our cash flow and profit forecast services to suit the needs of your business and help you grow it.