Running a company is no easy job. There are numerous things that need to be looked out for and often handling the day to day running means that you can’t take care of the compliance issues to the best of your abilities. Staying updated with the every changing legislation is a tough job and you need help with that so that your company can always be on top of things. By accessing our company secretarial services you can have absolute peace of mind that your compliance requirements are being met with and are always in line with the newest legislation. That’s not all we give you. Our services also include access to expert professional advisors who can step in when you are facing a complicated matter that needs more help. Who do we help?
  • Private and listen companies.
  • Limited liability partnerships (LLPs)
  • Property management companies
  • Non profit organisations
  • Startups
  • Well-established firms
  • And a variety of different sectors
What can do we?
  • Our team will handle all of your company’s basic statutory compliance requirements and ensure that we are always up to date with any changes so that your company’s records are always in line with the requirements.
  • We will prepare and hold the company’s statutory registers electronically. This will include any register that UK companies are required to keep.
  • Our services include preparing all the necessary reminders and paperwork that is needed for the shareholders of the company to receive the accounts.
  • We will also fill in the statutory accounts if we are supplied with them. If we are not supplied with them we will make sure to send you reminders for them to be prepared and filed in time.
  • We will provide a registered office address.
  • Our service also includes providing a company secretary for your company if you require.
  • We will maintain all of your company’s records online and provide you with complete access to them so that you are always well informed.
  • We will assign your company a professional expert company advisor who can help you navigate certain issues and also provide you with certain ad hoc services.
  • Our team will handle compliance and company administration issues including the filing of the annual accounts.
With the help of our services your company will always meet its compliance requirements and you won’t have to spend too much time worrying about them or trying to keep up with the legislation.