As soon as you start a new business you need to register as a self-employed individual with HMRC. If you have completed your tax returns before you are still going to be required to register for the self-assessment and class 2 national insurance as a self-employed person. Ensuring that you have completed your self-employed registration is essential because if you don’t register by 5th of October in your business’s second tax year than you may be facing the threat of heavy fines. In order to avoid this you should register as soon as possible. How you do your self-employed registration depends on the kind of business model that you select. You can either be a sole trader, or a partnership, or a limited company. With the help of our services you can make an informed decision and no have to worry about the registration process. We will handle everything related to your self-employed registration for you.
  • We will create a government gateway account for you with all your correct details.
  • Next, we will register you as a self-employed individual for the self assessment tax. We will look at what option to add: tax, duty or scheme.
  • We will help you figure out what category your business fits into and then select that for you.
  • The next step is to enter the date that you started operating your business so that an accurate record is maintained for tax purposes.
  • HMRC also requires details related to your personal information including where you live, contact information, your national insurance number and other details related to your business model.
  • Choosing the part that says what kind of work do you do is important because it determines how you are taxed. Selecting the correct category can help you if you claim tax back.
  • We will ensure that all the information entered is accurate and submit your registration.
  • One the application has been sent in and received HMRC will send you a letter with a 10-digit unique taxpayer reference which will be used for your tax payments. This can also be added to other taxes that you will likely need to pay for your business, such as VAT.
Once you are enrolled for self-assessment you are officially and legally self employed and will then have to pay taxes as a self-employed individual.