Budgeting and cash flow forecasting are essential for preventing a situation where a business is reporting profits but only on paper. The real situation might be closer to bankruptcy. Budgeting is the process of setting up your cash outflows to match your cash inflows. This requires a lot of cash flow forecasts to make an accurate allocation of the outflows. This also requires managing activities such as customer billing and collections, investments and disbursements to be done effectively. The goal for budgets and cash flow forecasts is to manage to create a cash reserve that is not too much or too little, yet manages to pay for day to day operating costs. What can we do?
  • We will help you make accurate predictions for your cash flow so that you can make informed decisions for the cash outflow and run your business effectively.
  • We will help you devise strategies for setting and achieving your goals which include accelerating cash inflows and delaying cash payments until they are due.
  • We will help you invest the excess cash reserves appropriately so that you can earn and acceptable rate of return and improve your credit score. This will help if you ever need to borrow cash in the future.
  • We will maintain records of cash at hand, cash receipts and cash payments to figure out the cash position at the end of each month and give you a bigger picture of your current cash flows on which we can base cash flow forecasts.
  • Our services include long term and short term budgets and cash flow forecasts depending on the size of your business and its specific needs.
  • We will analyse your finances in order understand where your business stands and where it is going in the future. With this information you can come up with an informed budget for the next quarter.
Having a properly planning budget and cash flow forecast can be the difference between and successful and unsuccessful quarter for your business. With our services you can not only figure out an accurate estimate of the cash inflows but also plan well for cash outflows and make good decisions for your business going forward. Call us now for expert budget and cash flow forecasting services and you can have a team of professionals helping you make the right decisions for your business.