Make the most of your assets

Strategically managing your long-term fixed assets in regard to their tax treatments can impact your bottom line significantly.

With experienced professionals and proprietary technology tools, KPMG’s dedicated Fixed Asset Services team provides a full range of services to help capital-intensive companies drive tax savings, return on investment and compliance.

How we can help

We can help you enhance the value of your fixed assets, from acquisition to retirement.

  • Fixed Asset Reviews:Need help identifying and documenting tax deductions for fixed assets and capital improvement projects? Companies turn to our fixed asset services professionals for a thorough review of historical and current-year records, which may reveal untapped tax savings.
  • Construction Tax Planning:We help you proactively identify tax benefits for new and planned construction–from the earliest stages of the project to completion. Our services apply to construction projects in the United States and globally.
  • Tangible Property Regulations: We will keep you abreast of tangible property regulations and disposition rules. Get one-stop access to the latest Internal Revenue Service and country Treasury updates, plus our own insights about the implications of these important rules for your business.
Cost Segregation: 

Drawing on the skills of architectural, engineering, and valuation professionals, we provide analysis of construction costs, leasehold improvements, and acquired real property assets to help companies accelerate tax depreciation deductions on qualifying construction projects.

Our Fixed Asset Services practice can help streamline and simplify the accounting process at every stage of the fixed asset life cycle. Our services include:

Compliance services
  • Accurate reporting of tax depreciation lives and conventions
  • Real-time access to fixed asset-related forms and reports
  • Implementation of retroactive law changes during a tax year (i.e., late passage of extenders package, bonus depreciation, year’s qualified leasehold life, etc.)
  • Ongoing reconciliation of book and tax differences
Value-added services
  • Acceleration of deductions through the identification of improper methods used in prior years
  • Accurate identification and treatment of repair and maintenance costs
  • Identification and calculation of partial disposal costs
  • Real-time cost segregation studies
  • Reconciliation of differences between state and federal taxes
  • Property tax reporting and consulting services