As your property finance advisers, we offer over years’ experience and expertise in raising finance for property transactions including:

Obtaining lending facilities for property developers or arranging new facilities for existing projects;

Raising commercial debt to fund property acquisitions;

Sale and lease back transactions.

With a keen awareness of your specific needs and extensive experience in shaping property transactions to make the most of tax planning opportunities, we assess potential funding structures in order to optimize your financial returns.

Our far-reaching connections with property finance providers give us a clear understanding of how they assess funding propositions and the key indicators they rely on when making a decision.

We specialist property finance advice supports your transaction throughout its entire lifecycle by:

  • Identifying and sourcing the most appropriate fundingsolution;
  • Preparing a robust lending proposition;
  • Presenting the proposition in a manner that appeals to particular lenders or investors and addresses their main concerns.

ATED (annual tax on enveloped dwellings) was announced by the Government as an anti-avoidance tax measure. It aims to discourage people from holding high-value residential property through corporate wrappers – known as ‘Non Natural Persons’ (NNPs) – for the purpose of saving tax.

‘Enveloped dwellings’ subject to the ATED regime must be owned by a NNP, be located in the country and include all or part of a residential or a mixed use property in use as a ‘dwelling’ or ‘capable of being a dwelling’. This extends beyond the building to the gardens, grounds, and any buildings within them. There are exemptions and reliefs available for certain types of property.

You pay less tax if you own a property under ATED regulations, but a balance needs to be struck between the tax and other benefits of owning the property as a NNP and owning it directly.

We have tax specialists who will advise you on the best property ownership structure to meet your business and personal financial goals.

Tax planning and compliance