We have a team dedicated to assisting clients through all types of difficult enquiries and complex negotiations to reach resolution.

  • Our team includes tax professionals with careers founded on experience as senior Tax Inspectors in HMRC.
  • Our team has market leading insight in relation to tax disputes and investigations and a proven track record in assisting clients achieve successful outcomes.
  • We understand that if you are the focus of an HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) enquiry or dispute, you need expert help and support through the process.
  • Enquiries can vary from questions about a particular aspect of your tax return to a detailed examination of a specific transaction to a full investigation of every aspect of a taxpayer’s affairs.

You will be able to focus on your day-to-day affairs while we liaise with HMRC inspectors to bring the investigation to a satisfactory conclusion and negotiate settlements that minimize claims for any tax and penalties.

Our knowledge of tax legislation and compliance, and experience in dealing with HMRC enquiries, mean that we can provide constructive advice and support throughout what can be a stressful process.

Are you having trouble with HMRC?
  • Are ongoing enquiries seemingly never ending, is there uncertainty on what risks HMRC are querying, does the enquiry involve requests for the provision of extensive amounts of data or is it taking up too much management time?
  • Are HMRC asserting additional tax liabilities or penalties are owed? If so talk to us as we have extensive experience of managing enquiries ranging from compliance checks to serious fraud investigations and litigation disputes.
  • We can also represent clients before the General and Special Commissioners – the bodies that resolve disputes between HMRC and taxpayers – if settlements cannot be agreed.

HMRC is directing its resources on areas of risk, including the new Wealthy Mid-Size Business Compliance directorate which is focusing specifically on businesses (and their owners) with turnover between millions. A common approach is for HMRC to look at all taxes concurrently.

Case Study

Our team was appointed by the business to gain control of the HMRC enquiries. By establishing an agreed action plan we facilitated the building of trust between the business and HMRC and enabled the enquiries to be brought to a prompt and satisfactory conclusion. The tax liabilities were agreed significantly lower than HMRC estimates with potential penalties suspended.